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Jonny Riggert

Husband, Podcaster, Consultant, I.T. Administrator

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Updated: Tuesday November 28th 2021

Life Missions:
Being a Husband to my Bride, Emily.Becoming my joyful, present, responsive, sensual, passionate, authentic, intentional, loving self.Following God at His pace. Listening, really listening. And not getting distracted.
Current Goals for 2021-22:
Developing Married LifeBuild Healthy Habits & Self-careGetting out of DebtSticking to RoutinesCertifications (MD-100, MD-101, MS-900, ITIL Foundations)PodcastingTake Drum LessonsGo KayakingRead Through the Entire Bible (Gospels Very Slowly)
What I'm most looking forward to:

Going to Oklahoma City with Wife & Friends to see Rob Bell and an NBA Game

Community Involvement:
Supporting Pregnancy LifeLine in Branson West with AV/IT Needs
Work & Projects:
Jr. Systems Administrator at Sight & Sound TheatresStudying for my MS-900 & MD-100 Exam
Channels of Communication:

Text Message & Phone Call (Personal Preferred)Microsoft Teams (Work Only)E-mail (Personal and Work)
Classes Taking:

ITPro.TV MS-900 & MD-100 CourseMicrosoft Azure Fundamentals Virtual TrainingRCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) at Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Current Meditation App:

Hallow1 Second EverydayDayOne
Current Exercise Routine:

2 Days of Weight Training (20 minutes - full body) using Strong1 Day of Restorative Yoga a Week1 Day of either Hiking (cold days), Biking (hot days), or Kayaking (nice days) a Week using AllTrails
Habits Tracking (using Fortify App):

Bible ReadingDrink WaterPlay DrumsSleep 8 Hours a NightUsing my Standing Desk at Work
Currently Reading:
Great Adventure Catholic BibleWord on Fire BibleFathered by GodBecoming a KingIt's Not About the Sex

Picture of Jonny Riggert at an Irish Pub

My Name is Jonny and I love Helping People Take Another Step in Life:

Let me know if / how I can help! Here are some things I can help with:

AV/ IT Support & ConsultationAll Things Technical for Live EventsPodcast Host / Editing
I also enjoy...
Camping, Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Watching Movies, Going to Concerts, Playing Ukulele / Drums, Speaking Spanish, Eating Tacos, Drinking Beer, Bowling, Playing Pool, and Dogs.